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All COFI Transformers Accessories

COFI Primary Connections Plug

Standard buried cable
Plug A
Plug B
Plug C
Plug D
Plug T
Plug K


COFI High Voltage Cables

Cofi manufactures high voltage ignition cable for all market needs. From the simple copper wire with connector to more complex cable with carbon fiber con -ductor, connector and moulded protections. The High voltage cables with resistive conductor in carbon fiber and semi-conductive rubber are used for shielding electromagnetic disturbances. COFI EMC laboratory is fully equipped with instrument for EMC measurements for cable’s and filters verifications.

1x1 diameter 7
1x1 diameter 5.2 mm
diameter 7 mm
diameter 4.7 mm
diameter 7 mm


COFI Connections and protections

Connector for faston
Connector in phosphor
Connector, diameter
PVC over moulded Cap
PVC over moulded 90° Cap
Silicone Cap L = 35 mm
Terminal cap, type A
90° Silicone Cap for 6.3mm
90° Silicone Cap for 4 mm


COFI Installed Cable Lengths

Complete high-voltage cables. Complete cable for high pressure cleaners. It ensures perfect sealing of the transformer outputs for perfect protection against  humidity in dirty and contaminated environments.

  Cable in silicone/copper

  Cable in silicone/ carbon fiber, diameter 7 mm.

Custom-made length. Connector, diameter 4 mm, overmolded. 90° Connector, diameter 6.3 mm, with terminal cover.


 Mounting brackets

  40X40 mm galvanized bracket
  102X26 mm galvanized bracket



Emi disturbance suppression filter.



We are Importer, traders of COFI Transformer in bulk stock since 1996 -97


All type of COFI transformers are available in Mumbai, India (On Demand)

Top Mounted Valve Igniter :


Development of capacitance discharge igniters to be mounted directly on the gas valve’s top. This igniter is been studied for the application on wall hang boilers where the spaces are narrow and the wiring harness need to be simplified. The transformer can drive the solenoid valves directly or with an inner DC converter. Only one wire is connected with the control device providing Ignition power, flame signal and valve driving power. The output wire is used both for ignition and flame detection with single electrode. Different version are available to be fitted on each valve.





All types of COFI Transformers are available in India  |  We are leading importers, distributors and stockists of COFI Transformers in India since 1996 - 97 (Yash Hitech Systems)

With the years of experience and knowledge, we are engaged in importing, trading, and supplying a wide array of COFI transformers. All these machines are well equipped and are highly demanded by our customers. Advanced technologies and latest equipments are used while manufacturing these items. Our ranges of products are obtainable at affordable rates. They are recognized for their special features like durability, precise dimension, corrosion resistance and sturdy construction. These are made in difference shapes and sizes in order to meet market demands and client's specifications. | Yash Hitech Systems


Transformer collection | COFI Transformer collection : Cofi ignition unit for oil & gas burners/boilers: 
Two pole transformers, TRE & TRS series up to 33 percent ED. Single pole transformers, P versions up to 33 percent ED. Two pole and Single pole transformers with 100 percent ED. 4 wire transformers for simultaneous ignition and flame monitoring. Transformers with 110 Volts, primary supply. High temperature silicone ignition cables up to 180 deg. C in 7 mm and 5 mm diameters.

Connecting lugs for cables and protecting sleeves, Cofi TRE 820/1 230v Electronic Ignition Transformer 4KV, Cofi ignition transformer trk2-25p 1x10000v, Cofi ignition transformer tre820 be 2x4 kv , Cofi ignition transformer tre820 pb 1x8 kv, Cofi ignition transformer tre820 pisob 1x8 kv, Cofi ignition transformer trs820 p 1x8 kv, Cofi ignition transformer trs820 ae 2x4 kv, Cofi ignition transformer trs830 p 1x8 kv, Cofi ignition transformer trs1020 be 2x5 kv.


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